Wireless Home Security Systems – The Good and Bad Points

The protection of a residence, its belongings and the people who live there is extremely important to all of us. Deciding on the best security system can seem overwhelming with the amount of different systems available. The wireless home security systems are currently the most popular. The wireless systems are excellent protection resources for the most part; however, they have both advantages and disadvantages.

One of the best advantages to installing a wireless system is they are wireless. There is generally one location designated as the central location for controlling the system. The alarms can be installed in various locations throughout the home while being controlled from one predominant location.

The security system is simple to install and can generally be installed and operational in only a few hours time. The instructions included are easy to read, understand and follow. With these systems you do not have to start punching holes in walls or drag cable wires throughout the home. If you are a renter these systems make it easy for installing without damaging the home and if you decide to move the entire system can be easily removed and installed in the new residence.

The systems come in a variety of packages to include all aspects of monitored security. Some of the different coverages available are detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide as well as the option of placing motion sensors in throughout the corners or with the addition of window sensors. The package should be one that is suitable for your home. For example if you have recently purchased an older home, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to be present without your knowledge the detector will alert the monitoring company who will in turn alert you to the risk.

The equipment needs to have regular maintenance and testing to provide the most optimum benefits. These are very easy to maintain and test. They can also be upgraded at any time with simple additions to the already installed system without having to completely replace the entire unit.

The major disadvantage to a wireless system is the possibility of them having a breech in the security code. It has only a slight chance of occurring, however, due to the wireless capability it is possible for a hacker to stumble across the code and have access to disarming the system.

Another disadvantage is the price. The price has been tremendous lower of the past few years; however, the monitoring of the system can be expensive. In most cases the actual equipment used for the protection is relatively inexpensive; it is the cost of the monitoring company that can be expensive. It is wise to inquire about the services offered and pricing packages before purchase.

Also make sure to find out if there will be a penalty for moving the location of service. For example, if you rent and sign a two year agreement with a specific company to monitor your home and then decide to move before the two years are up, some companies will not honor the breaking of the contract and require you to pay a penalty for moving the service.

Wireless home security systems are beneficial in protecting both properties and there residents, however, take into consideration all of the advantages or disadvantages in each system as well as the options available through the monitoring services.