Why Choose a Wireless Home Security System?

Home alarm systems have been around for decades and they now come in a wide variety of types ranging from the motion-activated alarms to fully monitored home security systems. Perhaps the most popular type being sold today is the wireless home security system because it saves on installation costs as is quite easy to install yourself. Most wireless systems take just a few short hours to set up because there is no wire-stripping involved, no electrical leads to deal with and no circuit testing to do. You just need some screws, a few basic tools and a bit of patience to have the entire system up and running the same day you buy it.

Wireless security systems are ideal for the larger home as they can easily monitor hundreds of feet of space with ease. The typical wireless system can also penetrate walls and other obstacles as it can carry its encrypted signals through the toughest materials such as marble or granite without a problem. The most savvy burglars know how to bypass wired security systems so that they can gain access to your home without tripping the alarm. However, with a wireless system in place there are no wires available to cut so an intruder cannot enter your home undetected. If the thought of running wires throughout your home has stopped you from buying a security system in the past, the wireless systems available today could be exactly what you have been waiting for.

For a wireless home security system to work, several wireless sensors are placed around the home on doors, windows, etc. When a door or window is opened the alarm is engaged and the sensor sends a message to the main device. The main device then immediately triggers a siren and/or contacts the police, depending upon the type of system you buy. A wireless system also can be hooked up to lights to serve as a deterrent for any would-be burglar.

Many of the wired systems out there can easily cost several hundred dollars to install and then at least $30 a month to monitor. But a wireless system costs nothing to install if you do it yourself and there are no monitoring fees to deal with. These outstanding features are what makes this type of system the home security system of choice for millions of people who want the assurance of knowing that they are safe at night and that their homes are protected when they are not there.