Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

Having a top wireless home security system is a great way to keep your house secure from unwanted visitors. It has the same security features that come with traditional wired security systems. The only difference is that the wires are no longer used to connect the sensors to the control panel. Because of this, the wireless system is more advantageous when it comes to installation, accessibility and repair.


  • Since everything is connected wirelessly, you don’t have to worry about tripping wires on your backyard. Burglars also don’t have the opportunity to cut off exposed wirings just to render sensors useless. Overall, this makes your house much more secure.
  • Before, home owners have to hardwire the system to their house. But with a top wireless home security system, installation will be a breeze. You simply have to secure the control panel on a wall and the sensors on their right positions. You don’t need to drill many holes just to make room for the wirings since there aren’t any.
  • Most of the wireless home security system today can be accessed remotely through your smart phone. This feature allows you to look through video feeds and control the system’s settings even when you are not at home. You can lock doors, turn on/off lights and adjust temperatures remotely just to make sure that your house is secure.
  • Troubleshooting is also not a huge problem since a top wireless home security system features its own troubleshooting program. In the case that the program doesn’t solve your problem, you can call a technician and talk about the actions you need to take. There is really no need for them to go to your house since you can actually do the task yourself.


  • Even though the wireless system boasts of a wire free feature, it does come with certain limitations. If you don’t install the control panel on the right area, it may have difficulties in communicating with its sensors. This is why you should first check which location on your have the great signal availability. You also have to make sure that sensors are within the range of the wireless control panel. If the installation is not done properly, you may sensors might not send off alarm right away.
  • Wireless home security systems greatly depend on their battery for power supply. Because of this, you have to check the batteries every now and then. If the battery is nearly out of charge, it may not function as well as when the batteries are fully charged.
  • Overall, a top wireless home security system may cost more, but the money you spend here is worth every penny. These advantages are really useful, especially with the type of lifestyle people are living today. It has evolved along with other modern devices today and even has come up a way to utilize your smart phone. If you are planning to get install a home security, you should really get a wireless one especially if your house is already built for easy installation.

A DIY Wireless Home Security System Can Save You Money

Installing a DIY (do-it-yourself) wireless home security system is easy to do if you want to save money. It will only take you a few hours to set it up, install the control panel and program it. Installing your own system will also save you money on monitoring fees.

A wireless system is much easier to install than a wired one, especially if you don’t have much experience with electrical wires. A wired system has to have electrical wiring going from the control panel to the door and window sensors. The wiring has to be concealed in the walls, under rugs and floorboards.

If you want a wired system, it’s best to have a professional company come out and do it for you. You can choose either a local security company or one of the national chains like ADT or Broadview (formerly Brinks Home Security).

With a wireless system, all you have to do is install the control panel, place the sensors on the windows and doors and install the motion sensor in a hallway, basement or outside the house.

The home security systems you can buy at your local hardware store usually will have a way to monitor the system yourself instead of hiring a monitoring company to do it. If you hire a company, you can be charged over $30 a month or more.

If you just want to secure your home at an affordable price and not have to pay out of pocket for monthly fees, then a wireless system is the way to go. When the alarm is triggered, the system will dial one of the emergency phone numbers you programmed into the system.

When you or someone else answers, the system will play a pre-recorded message letting you know that there is an emergency situation happening in your home and you should call for help.

Some systems will let you listen in on the room that’s been broken into. You can also add wireless security cameras so that you can see, via a computer, what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there.

A DIY home security system can give you the same peace of mind that a professionally monitored system gives without the monthly fees.

The Different Types of Wireless Home Security Systems – Do it Yourself

Wireless home security systems, do it yourself, is an easier and more economical way of installing a security system in your home. These types of systems are a good alternative to home security systems that are wired.

Wired home alarm systems have a lot of good points. However, they may require more effort in terms of installation. They may also require more budget in terms of labor. With their wireless counterparts, individuals can have more opportunity to save on labor costs as they can easily install the units themselves.

There are many types of wireless home security alarms available in the market. When planning to buy one, you should first familiarize yourself with the different types so you can get only the best that truly fits your needs.

One of the most sought after type of wireless security systems used in homes is the Hybrid type. This type is fast rising in popularity because of its many features. This type of security system is equipped with sensors that trigger alarms upon registering movements of human beings as well as doors and windows. This may also be used to detect smoke and fire.

Despite being equipped with a lot of beneficial features, the Hybrid wireless home security system is highly affordable.

Other types of wireless security kits may be equipped with features that allow people to be alerted of intruders through their phones. These types are good for people who are away from their homes most of the time.

Still other types of wireless home security kits are equipped with features that allow the detection of water.