Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems

A wireless home security system does not use hard wires to link the parts of the security system together. Instead of hard wires, the system transmits radio waves in order for the devices to communicate with each other. This is an advantage because some intruders get around a home security system by cutting the wire connections of the security system. A wireless home security system avoids this problem.

There are two types of wireless intruder alarms available in the market. One type sets off an alarm when an intruder or burglar breaks into the home and trigger the system.

The other type is the monitored wireless alarm where whenever the system is triggered by a burglar or intruder, the system transmits this to a security company who monitors the system regularly. The security company will then confirm the alarm and verify if there is a need to alert the police. The control panel of the wireless security system receives every wireless transmission from the cameras, switches, and movement sensors located around the house.

When there are strange movements or forced entries in the house, the main control panel will either set off the alarm or alert the central monitoring system. Magnetic contact points can be installed on windows and doors which will activate the alarm when the magnet and the switch are moved too far apart from each other.

An example is when a window is opened wide enough for a person to fit through it, then the alarm is turned on. Large open areas can be covered by body sensors which will detect body movement or heat signals. If a movement is found, the sensor will transmit this data to the central control panel which will assess the threat accordingly. If the threat is deemed to be serious, then the security control center will be alerted to the situation.

The system can be activated, controlled and deactivated through a main keypad placed in an easily accessible place, or by a remote keypad which is very similar to car remote locking systems.

Overall, a wireless home security system has several advantages like the ease and convenience of installing the system around the home.

But you may also opt to hire a professional security consultant to come into your home and advise you on this area, they may be able to guide you on how to install both systems.